1. Interview 2 classmates who have succeeded as a person, academically, or professionally. Make a poster to compare and contrast similarities and differences.
  2. Listen to CBC radio Edmonton news, share main ideas and important details, and comment on it to the class.
  3. Watch a video clip about human rights violation and answer questions.
  4. Listen to an interview about accents as a part of Canadian immigrants’ identity and write a paragraph about personal experience.
  5. Interview 3 employees working at different places about their job searching experiences, take notes, and then share your findings to the class.   
  6. Listen to the presentation on mental health. Take notes and sequence the process.
  7. Attend the Fire Safety workshop and answer questions based on the presentation. 
  8. Watch the movie The Pursuit of Happiness; have a group discussion on happiness.



  1. Give a ppt or poster presentation on a selected topic about Canada.
  2. Give a set of instructions on how to become a contributing Canadian.
  3. Have a panel discussion on effective personal learning strategies.
  4. Role play: Call a library and find out if they have programs for ESL students.
  5. Ask and answer common interview questions about educational background, work experience, and personal qualities at a simulated Job Fair.
  6. Read Metro Edmonton newspaper and share news with another class.
  7. Role play a parent-teacher conference.
  8. In groups, plan class activities for the term-end celebration and present them to the class to compete for the best designed plan.



  1. Select an interested topic about Canada and read. Discuss in groups what it means to be a Canadian.
  2. Study cases on Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and decide if there is violation.
  3. Read Metro Edmonton newspaper, select one article, and share main ideas and important details to the class.
  4. Select an interested topic on education, search main ideas and specific information at the websites of Alberta Education and Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education, and present the information to the class.
  5. Visit Alberta Supports (or use the Internet) to find free services or supports for the immigrants in Edmonton. Present the findings.
  6. Use “Alberta Occupational Profiles” to research a desired job, get the main idea of the company information, professional/educational prerequisites, duties and responsibilities, working conditions, and personal characteristics. Fill out a chart to show the gaps between your qualification and the job requirements.
  7. Read job and volunteer ads. Select one to apply.
  8. Read about immigrant transition stories in education, life, and career; have a discussion on personal challenges and coping strategies. 



  1. Tour Southgate Mall, observe, have photo scavenger hunt, make a power point, and present to the class about your observation of Canadian lifestyles.
  2. Fill out a Complaint Form to Alberta human Rights Commission.
  3. Write an email to your child’s school about a concern.
  4. Make a PPT or poster about a local training program or service to immigrants.
  5. Write a cover letter to apply for an interested job.
  6. In groups, choose one topic on job searching, application, or keeping; research information; and then give a power point presentation with advice and tips.
  7. Make a class invitation to a student Counsellor for a workshop on mental health.
  8. Write a formal email to the editor of Metro Edmonton newspaper to express a concern.